Liquid Nitro LOW CARB in our NEW CAN!

Same Great Taste … with fewer CARBS




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Liquid Nitro really surprised me. A cursory glance at the ingredient list showed nothing that was out of the ordinary. There is some guarana, some caffeine, and all the usual energy drink stuff, like Taurine, Ginseng and lots of B vitamins....–Big Red Boots, Caffeine Examiner (examiner.com)

The energy drinks that Liquid Nitro produced were good but the energy shots that the company makes are fantastic. The flavor is better than most other shots on the market and the taste is excellent. If you run across either of the Liquid Nitro Energy Shooters do yourself a favor and try them out (you won't regret it).....–caffeineaholic.net

Liquid Herbal Nitro is one drink manufacturer I would really like to see make it in today's crazy beverage market. Their drinks are great, and these shots are some of the best I have seen....–possessedbycaffeine.com

¬†was very pleasantly surprised by Liquid Nitro. I expected it to be awful, but it proved itself to be a very competent drink in the end. The unique take on a classic energy drink aroma and flavor really help to give this drink its own identity without straying too far from the tried and true formula of what makes a good energy drink. If you ever see it, I say give it a shot....–caffeinecritic.com