Our Products

  • Liquid Nitro Energy Drink

    Available in both 8.5oz and 16oz sizes and made with the finest ingredients and only 80 milligrams of caffeine per serving.  With 3 herbs and 2 B Vitamins, it will get you going and keep you going with NO CRASH and NO JITTERS.

    The light beverage flavor in both regular and low carb is one of the best on the market. For the low carb drinkers, there is NO difference in taste but with only 10 calories.
    One taste is all you need to realize we are REAL ENERGY… NO BULL!

  • Liquid Nitro Energy Shooter

    3 oz. of the most effective shot you can find. Powered with 6 Antioxidant Super Fruits from around the World to give you great tast and a quick Burst of Energy without the crash. It contains Only 4 grams of sugar and carbs, and has ONLY 16 CALORIES.
    If the power plus performance doesn’t win you over, the berry flavor will!

  • Liquid Nitro Lean Shooter

    Made with all the same ingredients and great taste as our regular shooter,  Only Better!

    We have added Super Citrimax and ChromeMate,  Clinically proven to …

    • Curb Appetite*
    • Control Body Weight*
    • Inhibit Fat Production*
    • Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*
    • Promote Normal Cholesterol Levels*
  • Fuel For Passion Male Enhancement Shooter

    Our same great Energy Shot with out the caffeine and made just for a MAN.
    Made with:

    • Bombyx Mori Extract
    • Oyster Extract
    • Gouqi Extract
    • White Willow Bark Extract (combined with Vitamins B6 & B12 and Super anti-oxidant fruits)